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Open Hours

The working hours of the office are: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 o'clock. Quesitons for membership, ideas, information for ongoing activities, etc. you can send us on our e-mail: or on the volunteer meetings happening from time to time.

Calendar of events. The calendar is updated throughout the month with additional events and informations.

Project Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Macedonia

Throughout the whole 2016 year we continue the cooperation with Coalition of youth organizations SEGA. The project includes implementation of the monitoring and evaluation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Macedonia in the field of participation of children and young people in decision making at local and national level. The process of Monitoring and Evaluation produce periodic and annual reports. This project act to protect children's rights in primary and secondary schools through the establishment of a child ombudsman and by improving the functioning of school organizations and processes of elections in the schools. The project is being implemented in 14 cities in Macedonia.

Macedonian Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the real United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Students participate in a year long process of research and practice in preparation for an early summer conference. The project will influence on strengthening the capacity of youth in Macedonia for advocacy, lobbying, diplomacy, conflict resolution, public speaking and writing.

The project is going on a national level implemented by the Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA in cooperation with the Peace Corps and the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia and YMCA Bitola as local coordinator. More details in the Macedonian version of the website.

Open call for host family for Peace Corps volunteer

YMCA Bitola will apply for Peace Corps volunteer who will start working in December 2016.

This program allows cultural exchange, develop friendships and a better understanding of American and local culture.

More details in the Macedonian version of the website.

Volunteer EVS at YMCA Bitola!

Call for volunteers to do EVS at YMCA Bitola. If you have sending organizations willing to apply, contact us, complete the EVS application form in WORD and send it to us on:

Young Men Leadership Project (YMLP)

The Young Men’s Leadership Project (YMLP) is a educational program that has been organized since 2006. It is a program designed to develop and engage young men in Macedonia to help mold them into the future leaders of tomorrow. The Young Men’s Leadership Project provides a unique opportunity for young men from around the country to develop personal and professional skills in an environment that fosters social inclusion and integration. By continuing this annual project, YMLP seeks to contribute to a more harmonious and prosperous future for Macedonia and its citizens.

Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)

GLOW – Girls Leading Our World – is a seven-day, multi-ethnic camp for 80 girls to promote leadership, friendship, and self-confidence.  Organized and coordinated by YMCA-Bitola and Peace Corps volunteers, GLOW is an annual summer program that has been held for the last 15 years in Macedonia.  The curriculum includes democracy, leadership, civic responsibility, volunteerism, environmentalism, personal development, women’s studies, health, artistic expression, and recreation.  GLOW seeks to empower girls to become active leaders in their communities, break down cultural barriers, and promote volunteerism.

Give us feedback!

Tell us if we are doing good in what we do and how we can improve? By filling out this questionnaire support us in order to become better and and create more opportunities for our community!


Annual Report 2014

Another successful year for YMCA Bitola. In this Annual Report for 2014 you can find out more about the most important activities in the past period along with pictures of events as a relevant indicator of the fact that joint efforts and diligence can achieve a lot!

Have a look at out activities in 2014.

The World YMCA Playbook 2015

The World YMCA Playbook is the collective action plan for 2014 where each project of YMCA World is clearly explained. It is an invitation to everyone in the YMCA to advance the vision of empowering youth worldwide.

Read it, share it, be a part of it!


Bridges for the Future

Following the initiative Roots4Reconciliation, Balkan Tandem Group with the cooperation of YMCA Europe and support from European Youth Foundation, organized 6 days seminar titled “Bridges for the Future” that gathered 36 young people from 10 countries in Pristina, Kosovo.

The main aim of the seminar was to engage young people to work on the theme of peace and international cooperation through the use of social media.

The comics is made by Y-Comic of YMCA Bitola.

Comics for school participation

Damjan is quite ordinary student. When he accepted the proposition and support of his friends, he became more engaged in the school life by running for elections for class president which resulted by becoming class president chosen on a democratic elections.

YMCA Bitola works together with SEGA Coalition of youth organizations for introduction of this electoral model for class presidents within the project "Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child in Macedonia" and use this comics as tool for promotion of the election model in schools.

The comics is not produced by Y-Comic of YMCA Bitola, but it is a part of our programs for supporting the comics as way of expression.

Available only in Macedonian language.